• Few pics from Day 1

    So our friend Steph spared a small amount of time today to take a few snaps from the first day of the Island Games. Unfortunately he couldn't make it to the... Read more »

  • Let the Games begin

    It is now time, the Jersey Nattiest Island Games are finally here, and officially opened. Needless to say that the whole JVA is behind all of our athletes, and will be... Read more »

  • Jersey 2015 Helpers needed..

    2015 will be a huge year for Sport in Jersey as the Nat West Island Games return to the Island. As part of the programme there will be two... Read more »


    With 15 months to go and the summer looming it is time for you all to put your names forward to compete in the 2015 NatWest Island Games Beach Volleyball... Read more »

  • Island Games Summary by Dom & Ania

    The event overall was a fantastic experience for both of us, especially that this was the first time taking part in such high level tournament with very experienced players. Most
    ... Read more »

  • Island Games 2013, update from Paul…

    Few words from Paul G:
    On reflection now we performed well for ourselves and Jersey!
    Roughly speaking if we had got about 5 more points over a couple of games we would
    ... Read more »