Island Games

Every two years the Nat West Island Games are held, and volleyball is part of the programme every year due to its popularity within the Scandanavian Islands. The Games are like a mini Olympics with swimming, atheltics, football, shooting, badminton, archery, gymnastics, squash, cycling to name a few.

Host Islands include:

1985     Isle of Man??
1987     Isle of Man??
1989     ??
1991     Aland
1993     ??
1995     Gibraltar
1997     JERSEY
1999     Gotland
2001     Isle of Man
2003     Guernsey
2005     Shetland
2007     Rhodes
2009     Aland
2011     Isle of Wight
2013     Bermuda
2015     JERSEY

The inclusion of volleyball in the programme has kept a solidity within the local league structure, giving teams a target to train for.

The Ladies Island Team at the net

The Ladies Island Team at the net

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