Red Hot Astros I

Team General Info
Training Location Haute Vallee
Training Time 19:00
# Players 11
Joined 2001


Just want to play volleyball?..then Astros is for you!

We are small group of guys who just get together, train (sometimes) and play.
We have been hugely successful over the years, winning the men’s league for many times. I would need to check the trophy to see how many times but we don’t hold it at the moment! Aaarghh!!!
Unfortunately we didn’t win the league last year so are keen to rebuild the team to its former glory.
Some of us are getting a bit older (well I am) so we need some younger players in the team.
Most of us have been playing for years so have great experience to bring on new players.
A couple of the junior players (Chris and Ben) are two of the key players in the squad and look set to achieve great things in Island Volleyball.

Some the “older” players are set to return to the club after a break (or maybe it was just a sprain!) last year.
Welcome back to Astros guys!

Training times aren’t set yet as last year all the teams trained this space!

We don’t put any pressure on guys turning up but of course the more you train the more likely you are to have court time.

As with all teams we play games on Sunday. All teams have an obligation to ref other matches so u need to set time aside for that too.

We don’t have a sponsor at the  climate etc etc..!  So be prepared to pay subs for kit, training and court time.
If u have any great ideas or run a multi million pound company then get in touch!

As regards THE CAPTAIN we don’t have one single captain. We tend to take turns or allocate on the day of the game..again no pressure!
Last season young Chris was captain for several matches.

This year we hope to maintain the players we have and add some more.

We do have some “informal” social events that tend to involve all men’s (and ladies) teams..these are not compulsory..but u are welcome to attend.

Some of us play on the beach too which is a great way to keep your skill, keep fit and keep in touch over the long hot summers.
Myself and Bero ( he also played for Astros) are training for the Island Games in Bermuda next year for beach volleyball! Woohoo!
We don’t train indoors over the summer but beach training is free for everyone.

Keep looking at the website.

Affiliation forms are available on the website too.

If your thinking about playing or just training, grab a group of mates or even just come along on your own and you’ll be made welcome by us and all the teams.

Hope to see you soon
Paul Gartshore
(one of the Astros players)


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