Every year the JVA move from indoors to the beach using the Gunsite Beach as their summer home.

There is a permanent net on the sand outside the café, and despite some high tides, usually play can be maintained for the whole season.

There are no league matches set up yet, though this is a possibility for the future. Depending on the weather, most evenings will find people of all standards playing on the sand.

Three tournaments are held each year: startring with a mixed fours, then the fours and the culmination of the pairs; hopefully encouraging players to start and continue through to the highest level.

Last years events were sponsored by Heritage Oil, and prizes and trophies are awarded for winners.

In recent year, the Island Games have included beach volleyball into their programme, firstly in Rhodes 2007 and now Bermuda 2013. Jersey sent a mens and womens pair to Rhodes, and will repeat that in Bermuda.

Dominika Thomas and Ania Ryszawy have been selected as the womens pairing, with Bero Bobus and Paul Gartshore winning the mens slot.

Bero will be hoping to maintain his grip on the Gold medal that he won in Rhodes whilst living in the Cayman Islands!

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Paul in Action on a beautiful evening

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