Players Code of Conduct

It is the intention of the Jersey Volleyball Association (“the Association”) to establish a reputation for good behaviour and conduct by its members and all other persons associated with the Association in the true spirit of the game of Volleyball.

All members of the Association will be expected to maintain high standards of personal behaviour, treating all colleagues, players, coaches, referees and spectators with respect before during and after training sessions and matches. In particular, any discriminatory behaviour or physical violence towards colleagues, players, coaches, referees and spectators is not acceptable. This code is also considered to extend to parents and partners of a member.

If members, or those persons attending with them, fail to meet these standards the member may be subject to sanctions decided by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee retains full discretion to impose sanctions. Such sanctions may include fines, suspension or expulsion from the Association depending on the nature and frequency of the breach.


PDF Version of the Code of Conduct

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