League Rules

Jersey Volleyball Association

League Rules

1. The League shall be composed of as many divisions as may decided by the Executive at the commencement of the season. All teams playing in the league must be registered with the English Volleyball Association and be appropriately insured.

2. In the event of two or more teams tying at the head of any division the Championship(s) will be decided on a count back of sets difference. If the situation is still tied there will be a play-off, which must be played before the AGM or the date set by the Executive. All other league placings will be decided on sets difference – if there is still a tie game points difference will decide, if still equal then the result of the matches between the two teams will decide – aggregate set scores first and then if still level on aggregate game points.

3. No player may play in a division other than that for which he/she is registered (except as stated in Rule 4).

4. (i) A player may play up to two matches in a team ranked higher than that for which he/she is registered. On playing a third match he/she will automatically be promoted to the higher ranked team.

(ii) Juniors (under 18 on 1st September at the start of the season) may play in a team ranked higher than that for which they are registered. There is no limit on the number of matches they may play. Junior players may register for a senior club in addition to their junior registration, but where both are competing in the same league the Junior Club must be represented.

(iii) A player who is playing in the Mixed league may play for any men’s or ladies team during the season. Clubs may only approach those mixed league players who are not already registered to a men’s or ladies team. A player who plays or who starts to play in the normal leagues is liable to pay the standard Association affiliation fee, although they can be classified under the trialist ruling if they have not played in the league before.

5. Schools have the first call on all their pupils.

6. A player having played for one team in a division shall not be permitted to play for another club in that division unless transfer is granted by the Executive {Exception: junior players – Rule 4 (ii)} Requests for transfer must be made in writing and reach the League Secretary with a copy to the President, prior to the next Executive meeting. All requests should state the reason for the request and be accompanied by a letter, signed by two officers, from the two clubs involved in the transfer. It is the responsibility of the transferring player to ensure that all the paperwork has been completed and forwarded to the committee. Transfers will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

7. All teams must be ready to play at the time specified. A team is six registered players and the rules of the game do not allow for less. If a team is incomplete at the start of the match then they forfeit the match and their appearance point.

8. The points system will be two points for a win and one “appearance point” for both teams if they field a fully registered team. Therefore a winning team should get three points whilst a losing team will receive one point (refer to Rule 7).

9. All matches will played as scheduled in the fixture list with no cancellations other than those sanctioned by either the President or League Secretary, and then only in exceptional circumstances. A club unable to play a match in accordance with the fixture list shall forfeit the match and advise the opposing team secretary or captain and the League Secretary to that effect. Both teams are still liable to officiate were appointed. Where a team can call on players from a lower ranked team a postponement will not be granted. When registering their teams clubs are required to clearly state their ranking if they are playing in the same division.

10. (i) Team Registration: All teams wishing to enter into the league must complete, and return by the date set at the Annual General Meeting, to the Affiliations Secretary, the following forms – Team registration form (registering at least eight players), individual players registration forms and player affiliation fees for those players it is registering.

(ii) Individual Registration: All individuals competing in the men’s and ladies league must complete an individual registration form. This form must be presented to the Affiliations Secretary, with accompanying affiliation fee, before the player plays in any match. In the absence of the Affiliations Secretary this must be given to an officer of the Association, or failing that the referee prior to the match. Failure to do this will result in the match being forfeited and no appearance point awarded. It is this form that will register a player to a particular club.

11. The referee will record on the score sheet each occasion on which he/she warns a player and/or coach with a yellow and/or red card. In the case of expulsion or disqualification the referee will submit a written report to the Executive within a period of seven days. A player or coach who receives a Penalty Warning (Yellow card) will be charged two disciplinary points. A player or coach who receives an Expulsion (red card) will be charged four disciplinary points. A player or coach who is Disqualified (Red and yellow cards together) will be charged six disciplinary points and will be automatically suspended until the next Executive meeting, at which time the length of suspension will be decided. If a player or coach accumulates six or more disciplinary points in any JVA competitions, he/she will not be eligible to play/coach in the next match. Points will be accumulated against a person in the capacity that they are fulfilling at the time i.e. coach or player. A person who is a player/coach will be allocated the points dependant on whether they are on court at the time or not – if on court then as a player, if off court then as a coach. If any person receives any further disciplinary points, in excess of six, on each occasion he/she will serve a further one match suspension. Where it has been found that a suspension has not been served, or has been incorrectly served, all matches to which the suspended person has participated will be forfeited. Disciplinary points will not be carried forward from one season until the next, but a suspension will. The Executive is empowered to discipline a player, coach, referee, team, or team follower whose actions prior to, during or after a match are considered to bring the game into disrepute. The Executive is empowered to suspend or fine a coach, player or team in circumstances where it considers appropriate. An appeal against an award of disciplinary points may be made in writing to the President of the Association within seven days of the award. A fee of £25, returnable if the appeal is successful, must accompany such appeal. The appeal will be considered at the next Executive meeting. The Appellant shall send a copy of the letter of appeal, stating reasons, to the referee concerned and the League Secretary within seven days of the award. The Appellant shall have the right to an oral hearing.

12. Any affiliated member or club inducing or attempting to induce a registered player or players (i.e. those who have signed a JVA registration form for a club) to leave one club to join another during the playing season (i.e. from the completion of one AGM to the next or a date decided by Executive) shall be liable to expulsion from the Association or to any other penalty as the Executive may decide. Clubs may place general advertisements in the media.

13. All teams participating in the JVA Leagues are required to have among their members a minimum of two qualified referees, who are registered with the English Volleyball Association, who will officiate as and when appointed by the League Secretary

Teams are responsible for providing, at least ten minutes prior to the scheduled match time, the following officials – failure to do so will result in the loss of an appearance point (this should be noted on the score sheet by the captains of the teams playing in the match to be officiated):-

1. Two Referee *

2. A Scorer

3. A Score Marker

4. A minimum of two line judges

Note: The scheduled time shall be that on the published fixture list and will include the agreed warm up times. Teams who use members of other clubs to act as referees must pay the standard English Volleyball Association fee of £10 per referee to the individual(s) concerned.

14. The Home team (i.e. first named) is responsible for providing an officially approved match ball. This can include an official indoor coloured match ball

15. The team which is to officiate first in the evening, is responsible for opening up and correctly setting up the equipment in time for the start of the first match at it’s appointed time. In order to do this the team should be at the venue at least fifteen minutes prior to the match. Any first match not starting at it’s appointed time due to the officiating teams failure to have the court ready in good time, should have the fact recorded on the score sheet by the two playing captains. The Executive Committee will determine any sanction to be imposed on the officiating team.

The team officiating last is responsible for: –

o Storing the equipment safely and ensuring that the building is securely locked. Special attention should be given to the checking of all fire doors.

o Ensuring that the Press Secretary is informed of all match results by 9.30 am the following day, if not on the night of the matches, so that the results can be advised to the media. Each participating team is responsible for ensuring that their match reports are submitted to the Press Secretary prior to any press release.

16. The full international score sheet will be used at all league matches. Rotation slips will also be required from both teams prior to each set.

17. A trialist is defined as being a player who has either not previously played in the men’s or ladies leagues, or has not played in those leagues during the previous three seasons. A player who has registered for a team and competed in a previous competition, outside of Jersey, in the previous three seasons is not eligible to be classified as a trialist.

A trialist must complete and submit with payment the appropriate applications form detailing which of their three matches this is. It is the coach/captain’s responsibility to ensure the Affiliations Secretary receives this form in good time prior to taking part in the match. A set fee will be determined at the Annual General Meeting and will operate on a tiered basis – at the time of the player’s third league appearance they must pay the balance of the normal league affiliation fee.

18. At the beginning of the season the Executive Committee may issue an addendum to the league rules that will go out with the league fixtures. An example of this would be notification of how many sets each match will be played over.

19. Any matters not covered by these rules and regulations or appeals will be determined by the Executive Committee.


PDF Version of the League Rules

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