League Mixed Rules

Jersey Volleyball Association

Mixed Rules

Mixed games are all about having fun. It is also in each player’s interest and that of the sport itself to improve the standard of play. It is important that the all round handling of the ball improves during the season and the rules governing the “held” ball and two touches will be as for last season. Please ask any referee or a member of the JVA executive should you wish to clarify any point relating to these two rules.

1. Team Registration

a. A team must register at least eight members. There is no limit to the number of players in a squad. A squad can be made up of both league and non-league players.

b. The following rules apply for court play: – A team must consist of six players on court. Of the six players on court at least three must be female.

c. Only players who have played in a minimum of two group matches will be permitted to play in the final stages of the competition.

2. Each team must have paid their entry fee of £270.00 (£250.00 plus returnable deposit of £20) when registering each team. This is to cover EVA registration and court costs.

3. No fixtures can be postponed

4. Only Underarm serves will be allowed throughout the league tournament

5. Each team is permitted two 30 second time outs per set

6. Player Substitutions

a. A player in the starting line up may leave the game and re enter only once in a set and only in the place of the person who came on as his/her substitute.

b. A substitute may enter the game only once per set in the place of any starting player but he or she can only be replaced by the same player whom he or she replaced.

c. A maximum number of six substitutions per set are permitted.

7. The Scoring system will be as follows :-

2 Points for a win (Plus one appearance point). Max = 3 Points 0 Point for a loss (Plus one appearance point). Max = 1 Point

8. Officials required :- 1 s t Referee / 2 nd Referee / Scorer / Line Judges (Min 2)

9. Loss of Points




Appearance and or match Points may be deducted from a team who fail to field a full squad or fail to provide Officials as outlined above. If a team fails to comply with the rules outlined here in level of the penalty would be decided at the discretion of the organising committee.

10. It is the responsibility of the team officiating first each night t o arrive at the venue 15minutes prior to the published fixture start time to set up and prepare the court ready for the first match.

It is the Responsibility of the all teams and officials involved in the last match to put away all the equipment and ensure the hall is left clean and tidy.

11. The Referees decision is final


Finalised match details and any amended rules will be distributed to all players on the first night matches are played. The competition organisers ‘The JVA’ reserve the right to amend the above regulations at any time. All players participating in this sport do so at their own risk.

PDF Version of the Rules

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