• Beach 4’s 2014 Match Report

    The Jersey Volleyball Association hosted it's second successful beach volleyball event at the Gunsite, this time it was ladies and men's 4... Read more »

  • 2014 Beach Tournament Info and Forms

    With some delays due to technical problem, please find below the entry and forms and date for the forthcoming beach tournaments. Have fun, play well, and good luck to all!   ... Read more »

  • Inter Insulars 2014 matches report

    2014 Volleyball Inter Insulars Matches This year’s Volleyball Inter Insulars held at Beau Sejour on Saturday 22 March proved to be an absolute triumph for Jersey. In recent years it has... Read more »


    In the latest round of matches the volleyball results were; Ladies: Logicalis Jets 1 beat Jersey Juniors 25-7 25-9 25-10 Logicalis Jets 2 were triumphant against Panthers in four sets Ladies : Logicalis Jets... Read more »

  • JVA Results Sunday 19th January

    Inthe latest round of volleyball matches in the JVA League at Haute Vallee School there was great succes for both Jets Teams in the Ladies League while the mixed games... Read more »

  • Match report, 12th January 2014

    In the three matches played at haute Vallee School there were 3,4 and 5 set results. Hawksford Sandkickers were able to beat Island Ladies 25-5, 25-15, 25-23 with the Ladies playing... Read more »

  • Results of the first League fixtures of 2014

    In the Ladies League there were victories for both Logicalis Jets teams: Logicalis Jets 2 beat Tigers in three sets: 25-20 25-14 25-21, however the Jets first team took a little... Read more »

  • 15 December 2013 Match Results

    In the last games of the year the results from the games in the Volleyball Leagues were: Tigers were able to overcome Jersey Juniors in four sets; 25-16 24-26 25-12 25-18... Read more »

  • Denis le Breuilly, third Paralympic Games!

    The International Paralympic Committee has appointed Denis Le Breuilly to his third Paralympic Games. As Technical Delegate for Sitting Volleyball, following the London Games, he will once again have the... Read more »

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