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  • One of the many league games

    Match results 2014-04-13

    The results from the two games played on Sunday were; In the Ladies League, Magic Touch Tigers beat Jersey Juniors in three sets 25-6, 25-18,25-12 In the men's league, Red Hot Tomatoes... Read more »

  • Important Message: Sunday 13th of April

    Please note: As both ladies clubs are suffering injuries and absences the matches on Sunday 13th of April  are postponed. However, there is going to be a match (re-scheduled already) at 12pm... Read more »

  • Match Report 6th April 2014

    Following a couple of weeks absence due to the Inter Isnuars and Mothers Day, the volleyball matches returned to Haute Vallee Schoool with some excellent play on show. Ladies League: Logicalis Jets... Read more »

  • Fixtures updated with re-scheduled match

    Hello everyone, The Mixed match from 26th January (JFSC vs. Peter Green Builder) has been rescheduled to 27th of... Read more »

  • JVA results March 2nd 2014

    In the latest matches of the Volleyball season, these were the results: Ladies League: Logicalis Jets 2 were triumphant against Jersey Juniors in three sets; 25-5 25-14 25-13; with several of the... Read more »

  • Gentil reminder: officiating matches

    Hello everyone,
    Hope you are enjoying the league so far and playing some good matches.
    As much as you are ready and happy to play in the matches there is also a
    ... Read more »

  • Volleyball results February 16th

    The latest results in the volleyball leagues provided no real surprises. In the Ladies League Magic Touch Tigers were winners against Jersey Juniors however they did lose oneof the sets making... Read more »


    In the latest round of matches the volleyball results were; Ladies: Logicalis Jets 1 beat Jersey Juniors 25-7 25-9 25-10 Logicalis Jets 2 were triumphant against Panthers in four sets Ladies : Logicalis Jets... Read more »

  • JVA Match Results February 2nd

    The results from the Ladies and Mixed games are: Ladies: Magic Touch Panthers beat Jersey Juniors in three sets: 25-15 25-8 25-15 and Magic Touch Tigers lost to Logicalis Jets 2 in four sets:... Read more »

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