Match Results, 24 November 2013

Updated: November 26, 2013

Another thrilling bout of matches in the Ladies Volleyball League with Logicalis Jets able to repeat the Panthers success of two weeks ago.

In the first game Logicalis Jets 1 faced Panthers and were able to take a two sets lead; 25-16 25-20 with superb winning runs on serve from Jenny Biggs and Dominika Thomas.
As they showed last time though, Panthers were not out of the game as they fought back to take the next two sets 25-23 25-13!  with Anita Othman and Jo Carter proving strong on serve.

In the fifth set it was Deadlock! with neither team able to break away. Up to 13-13 then 14-14 it was Jets who were able to find the luck and skill to take the match 16-14!

If that match wasnt enough the next proved just equal in quality and length! Logicalis Jets 2 faced Tigers to see who could come out tops. Close close sets; 27-25 22-25 25-22 22-25 made it equal after four sets, so the dreaded deciding fifth once again emerged; scores 8-7 at the change over before Jets scraped ahead to take the match 15-11!!!

With these four matches to compare it can only be hoped that this standard can be continuned for the season ahead! Well played Ladies.

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