Island Games 2013, update from Paul…

Updated: July 22, 2013
Few words from Paul G:
On reflection now we performed well for ourselves and Jersey!
Roughly speaking if we had got about 5 more points over a couple of games we would have been in a silver medal contention. It was that close…apart from the saaremara guys who beat everyone into the sand before flying back to play in premier French league..and being voted MVP for French matches. Think they will come to jersey and possibly bring a ladies team..look out.
The organisation has been great for beach volleyball.
Only down side was the small area of centre court and hard sand.
Lots of lessons for us to learn for 2015.
Also great to watch other sports for a change. It’s a privilege to be here and see everyone’s hard work put into practice. It seems the level of performance rises each year.Guernsey guys were amazed at the standard of play indoors..their first game was against saaremara.

More updates soon.

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