An update from the 2013 Island Beach Volleyball team, Day 1

Updated: July 16, 2013

Message from Paul:

Day 1.

Just in from our third game of the day!
As expected got beat by saaremara. Two huge players that play in in the French indoor league. Definite Gold for them unless their Coach calls them indoors to BOOST the saaremara team…they are that good.
Second match was some of the best volleyball I have been a part of against Cayman.
Lost in the third set 15-13 but could have gone either way.
Proper beach volleyball against and with gold medal winners!
Good friendly rivalry on both side …awesome !
Third game against OIM. Very nice guys but Bero just demolished them!
Great hitting from my partner.
Won 2-0!
Jersey ladies played today and we supported them all the way. I’m sure they will feedback on their games.
Brilliant support from everyone back home in jersey!
A day in the life of a beach volleyball player…
Missing u all and wish u were here!!

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