2e2 Jets beat Tigers 3:1

Updated: November 25, 2012

2e2 Jets beat Tigers in a 4 set, two hour match (25:17, 28:26, 20:25, 27:25). It was the first time that the two teams had faced one another since the end of the last season. The match was intense with two sets having to be played to two clear points.  Usually a set finishes at 25 points but if both teams reach 24, they must continue play until one team is ahead by two clear points. Both teams had a full squad and both coaches used a variety of playing options to try and change their teams game play.  Points to note were Jets Paula Hindley’s six point serving lead in the third set and despite not winning the set it should be noted that Tigers came back from a 9 point deficit to level the scores at 21:21. 2e2 Jets have a 100% record of wins this season to date, however following today’s match they will be working hard to keep their lead.

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