Beach 2’s results

Updated: September 21, 2011

The final installment of the summer’s beach volleyball trilogy was played out in glorious conditions at the Gunsite Beach on Saturday.
In the true beach style the pairs each team of two played all day providing the spectators with some superb play.
In the Ladies In It to Win It division four teams battled it out against each other, then through the semi finals, and in the final a brilliant three set match saw last year’s Champions retain their title.
Winners = Dominika Thomas and Ania Ryszawy Runners up = Ann Cadiou and Sally Hall 3rd place = Karolina Zablocka and Kasia Whiteside 4th place = Laura Kangas and Yvonne Eggers
In the Not So Pro division, six teams played out their games on two courts and gave some entertaining volleyball for all. The final, again over three sets was a very close match separated by two points at the end.
Winners = Chris de Rue and Misha Hervieu Runners up = Ricardo de Freitas and Sylvio Freitas 3rd place = Phil Morris and Chris Milton 4th place = Sean and Scott Guegan 5th place = The Buddha boys 6th place = Giles Emmanuel and Lars
In the Mens In It to Win It league, three teams played out their games against each other twice. Another three set match for the final was full of contraversy and skill with one team in control then the other; nothing to choose between either of the finalists.
Winners = Paul Gartshore and Stephane Gimenez Runners up = Leo Figueira and Alan Caser 3rd place = Stuart Black and Paul Adamson
In order to run any tournaments there are plenty of thank you’s needed:
Heritage Oil for their wonderful support of the events Public Services for their help with the beach raking Britvic for their supply of Drench and So Be drinks Ellen Parker, Alex Mallinson, Dave Davies, Anita Othman and Paula Hindley to name a few.

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