Beach 2009 4’s

Updated: August 21, 2009

This Saturday 15th August 2009 saw the second tournament of this summer’s Airtel Vodafone Beach Volleyball events. A great turnout performed brilliantly at the Gunsite Beach in perfect conditions, and the standard of volleyball was superb.

The womens In It to Win It League contained five teams, the results were so close that the finalists were deicided on points difference when three teams finished with three wins. The final between 2e2 and Whoozzah provided some great plays, and it was 2e2 that came out on top, in two sets.
The mens Not So Pro League saw LEJ Pythons face Platinum Pussies in their final and the Pythons slithered to victory to take the trophy.
The mens In It to Win It League provided a classic encounter between the top two teams; although again they had only made it through on points difference. Houze Old Gits had finished level after a superb win over the eventual winners of the title, but they had a lower points difference so didnt amke the final.
The team Airtel Vodafone came out victors over Roadkill in two sets to claim their title. An excellent days tournament leads the way for the final event, the Twos Tournament on August 29th, with entry forms now available.
Results: Mens Not So Pro: 1st LEJ Pythons 2nd Platinum Pussies 3rd Smokin Aces 4th Airtel Vodafone 5th Freddy’s 4skins and the drawback 6th Gracie May’s Lads Womens In It to Win It: 1st 2e2 2nd Whoozzah 3rd Ooops I Dug it Again 4th Volley Dollies 5th Jets on the Beach Mens In It to Win It: 1st Airtel Vodafone 2nd Roadkill 3rd Houze Old Gits 4th 4 Skins 5th Monkey Business

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